Founder and Managing Partner Giuseppe Brusa has built a firm that is recognized nationally for its expertise in government compliance, audit, accounting and consulting services to foreign corporations and individuals. The firm has specialized practices areas that serve the accounting/taxation needs of foreign companies during the start-up of their activities and follows them up through the expansion of their businesses When he launched the firm in 1987, Giuseppe Brusa had a vision for his company. “I started my company on the ominous “Black Monday” the largest one-day market crash in history. It was a one-man company and there was no way I could quite forecast that GC would be where it is today. I decided to venture out on my own the same, trusting the capacity for economic recovery the US always showed. 25 years later, after enduring another major stock market crash, we serve over 600 clients, providing unequaled financial, tax and management consulting services to foreign companies and individuals operating in the American market. I really would like to thank my partner Ethem Gungor and all my employees, who have worked hard to help the company grow so much and go so far. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Mario Carniglia president of Otim, my first client, who trusted me since the very first day and is still with us.”