Giuseppe Brusa, the current managing partner, started GC in 1987 and later founded Giuseppe Brusa CPA LLC. GC offers administrative, tax compliance and consulting services to foreign companies and individuals operating in the American market. Giuseppe Brusa CPA LLC’s and GC’s mission is to help foreign investors establishing their business in the U.S. and support them during their growth and development.

Clients are mostly U.S. subsidiaries of European firms, and they are active in various fields such as:

Electronic Components



Real Estate


Luxury Goods

Furniture and home accessories

Media (newspapers, magazines, boadcasting)

Textile industry – fashion (reatail and wholesale)

Digital Design

Online Fashion Wholesale

Tech Startups


Our office is operatively supported by a network of reliable professionals and agencies (lawyers, custom brokers, real estate brokers, financial advisers, head hunters and employment agencies) and associated with two Italian accounting firms.