Tax Manager


Mina Gwargious

Mina Gwargious graduated in Business Administration with a major in Accounting from Alexandria University, Egypt. Over the last decade, he has extensively sharpened his expertise in U.S. federal tax law, becoming a distinguished specialist in this area. His profound understanding of international reporting and compliance further cements his reputation as an expert in the field.

At the firm, Mina is renowned for his in-depth knowledge of U.S. tax legislation and regulations. His ability to navigate the complex aspects of federal taxation, combined with his adeptness in international tax matters, makes him an invaluable resource for clients facing complex tax scenarios. Mina’s expertise is particularly crucial for those needing guidance on international reporting requirements and compliance with cross-border tax regulations. His commitment to staying abreast of the latest developments in U.S. and international tax laws ensures that our clients receive strategic, up-to-date advice tailored to their unique situations.

Giuseppe Brusa

Managing Partner

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Tax Director