Force Majeure

Please find the following article on Force Majeure provided by the legal firm, Valla & Associates: Majda BarazzuttiApril 6, 2020 Force Majeure Newsletter The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our economy in an unprecedented manner. The flow of commerce has suddenly slowed down, if not come to a complete halt, due to the epidemic in China, […]

Employee Retention Tax Credit

Section 2301 of the CARES Act, the Employee Retention Tax Credit was designed to help businesses who are closed, partially closed, or are dealing with substantial revenue losses due to COVID-19. If you received a Paycheck Protection Loan, you are not eligible for a tax credit [1]. Eligibility Private Employers, including non-profits, regardless of size, […]

Expanded Tax Deductions for Interest Expense Payments

Please find the following post regarding Expanded Tax Deductions for Interest Expense Payments under the CARES Act, from the law firm WithersWorldwide: Private Client Considerations: Expanded tax deductions for your interest expense payments with the CARES Act April 8, 2020 Tax Code Section 163(j) had long imposed limitations on certain corporate taxpayers’ ability to take […]

Small Business Administration Delays

Dealing with Delays from the SBA If you’re having trouble accessing applications, funds, and other resources from the SBA (Small Business Administration), you are not alone. The New York Times recently published an article detailing the reasons for delays many businesses are facing in trying to access loans the SBA is backing. They include, but […]

Nota dell’avvocato – Paycheck Protection Program & CARES Act

Vi preghiamo di leggere questo aggiornamento riguardante il provvedimento CARES Act e Paycheck Protection Program che ha scritto l’avvocato Andrea Fiocchi, Partner di Reinhardt LLP : 3 Aprile 2020 (3a Parte) Abbiamo i seguenti aggiornamenti per coloro che stanno avendo difficoltà a depositare la domanda di PPP con la propria banca:  BNB Bank Abbiamo parlato […]